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Mammút at Airwaves 2016

As with Rökkurró in 2014, I followed Icelandic band Mammút around for Airwaves in 2016. Starting with a headline set at the Reykjavík Art Museum and ending by opening for PJ Harvey at the enormous Valshöllin, they turned a lot of heads at Airwaves this year with a brand new set of tracks from their forthcoming, as yet untitled, album. Continue reading Mammút at Airwaves 2016

Spreading the love

Last year, The Guild of Photographers asked me if I’d like to come along with them on a photo tour of Iceland. I don’t need to tell you my response. Acting as a combination of participant and Iceland ‘expert’ (I hesitate to use that term as I know there is so much I still have to learn about the country) I flew to my second home on 10th March and spent 8 amazing days with a lovely group of photographers and our brilliant guide, Siggi.

Continue reading Spreading the love

Reykjavík Boulevard

The cover of Issue 01 of Reykjavík Boulevard
The cover of Issue 01 of Reykjavík Boulevard

Niccolò Scelfo is a photographer from Florence in Italy who visited Iceland on a road trip in 2012. As so often happens, he fell in love with the place and had soon found himself a house in Reykjavík from where he runs his new web-based art magazine, Reykjavík Boulevard:

“I thought about building a platform for curious people, trying to share stories and discover the world through the eyes and projects of people. I started interviewing famous directors at the Reykjavik International Film Festival, then bands at Iceland Airwaves and many other stories came up. I realized the website and tried to release a magazine about that.”

Issue 00 was launched as a trial a few months ago and received a lot of positive feedback, and so after a lot of hard work and dedication by Niccolo and his small, mostly Italian editorial team, he has this morning launched issue 01 which you can read here. Featured in the current issue are the Icelandic singer Íris, who played at the London launch of Iceland, Defrosted, several other Icelandic and international artists and musicians, and there’s a small feature on some London based photographer who is photographing Icelanders in London…

Go and have a look – it’s a beautifully put together magazine, and you might even learn a little more about yours truly!