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Spreading the love

Last year, The Guild of Photographers asked me if I’d like to come along with them on a photo tour of Iceland. I don’t need to tell you my response. Acting as a combination of participant and Iceland ‘expert’ (I hesitate to use that term as I know there is so much I still have to learn about the country) I flew to my second home on 10th March and spent 8 amazing days with a lovely group of photographers and our brilliant guide, Siggi.

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‘Svart/Hvít’ is Icelandic for ‘Black and White’. In May 2009 I travelled to Iceland to visit the Western Fjords for the first time with my family. I had promised a friend that I would shoot exclusively in black and white, a style that the landscapes of Iceland are particularly suited to. What you see here is a selection of the 690 photos I took while on the road.