Mammút at Airwaves 2016

As with Rökkurró in 2014, I followed Icelandic band Mammút around for Airwaves in 2016. Starting with a headline set at the Reykjavík Art Museum and ending by opening for PJ Harvey at the enormous Valshöllin, they turned a lot of heads at Airwaves this year with a brand new set of tracks from their forthcoming, as yet untitled, album. David Fricke of Rolling Stone magazine, who first saw them play in 2004, was so impressed he picked them as one of his highlights at Airwaves this year. 

When I first saw Mammút, way back in the Airwaves game, I thought they were the most exciting, new band in Iceland. Now I know they are ready for the world.

-David Fricke

You can watch their performance at KEX for Seattle based radio station KEXP at this link, and can help raise funds for the release of their new album over on Karolina Fund.