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Impressions of Iceland

I’ve been posting these photos up all over my social media feed lately; these are images I’ve made in Photoshop from photographs I have taken during my many visits to Iceland over the years. Ever since the first time I went to Iceland it has struck me how the landscape can be represented by bands of colour, from the green of the aurora in the sky through the white snow-capped mountains and glaciers, the bare black rock, the green (or brown) of the grass and the black sand beaches that lead into the deep blue-grey of the north Atlantic ocean. Continue reading Impressions of Iceland

May madness

Some of you may be aware of my Facebook page – many of you may not. The ‘Like’ button on this site (up there, on the right hand side) is linked to it, so when you ‘Like’ this site, you will automatically receive updates from my Facebook page too (unless of course you choose not to, which is your prerogative, but then you’d be crazy IMHO).

Those of you who already Like my page may be aware of the crazy May madness I’m about to subject you all to. Every day throughout May I’ll be giving out three discount codes for print sales on my site; one for 50%, one for 35% and one for 20%. These codes will be given to the first three people who correctly answer a question I will ask on the FB page, and will last exactly 31 days from the issue date.

If you’ve been holding off buying a print for want of a bit more cash, then this is your best chance to finally end the wait! You can remind yourselves of the sort of photos you can buy at these galleries:




Little Britain

A military monument at Cap de la Chèvre on the Crozon peninsula in Brittany, France
A military monument at Cap de la Chèvre on the Crozon peninsula in Brittany, France (click to view full size)

Believe it or not, ‘Little Britain’ is one of the many names given to the French region of Brittany. This ties in with the French name for it, ‘Bretagne’, as compared to their name for Great Britain, ‘Grand Bretagne’. Settled by migrants from Cornwall and other Celtic regions of the British Isles, Brittany has its own distinct identity and even has its own language, Breton (or Brezoneg) which is very similar to Cornish.

I recently visited on a family holiday, staying in the region known as ‘Cornouaille’ in the south west of Brittany, near the city of Quimper. Some photos are online on my site, and all are available to buy as prints. Please feel free to have a browse by clicking here.

Come in, we’re open!

Astute visitors may have noticed the recent addition of the ‘Shop’ link in the top right of the site. I’ve been gradually adding to the shop to allow you to order prints of a selection of my photographs using PayPal. Many people have told me in the past I should allow site visitors to be able to buy photos, so here’s hoping they put their money where there mouths are!