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North of the border

I’m rather fond of Scotland. I don’t go there nearly as much as I ought to, mainly because it’s such a hike, but every time I’ve been I’ve discovered something new. Whether it’s the tranquility of Loch Lomond and the Trossachs, the stark beauty of Glencoe or the nordic history and diverse bird life of Shetland, it’s got pretty much everything. Continue reading North of the border

Instagram overload



I’ve split my Instagram account into three as of the weekend.

Follow @nickminers for my day-to-day Instagram, with photos mostly from my phone of things I see and do that I find interesting.

Follow @nmp_brutalism for architecture photography – mostly black and white, with an emphasis on brutalism and modern architecture styles.

And for landscape lovers, follow @nmp_landscapes for my photos from Iceland, the Lake District and beyond.

Most of the images on these last two accounts are available to buy as prints – you can hunt them down on my online print store or simply ask by commenting on the photo(s) you like on Instagram.

Lakes break

I love the Lake District, almost as much as I love Iceland. The weather is just as unpredictable, with the result that there is potential for wonderful light, which feels extra special if you’ve had to wait days for it. When I last went, in October, I was spoiled by pretty much perfect conditions the whole time, but this week just gone I had to wait almost a whole week between finding a beautiful location for a classic Lakeland image and actually getting the photo I wanted.
Continue reading Lakes break

Impressions of Iceland

I’ve been posting these photos up all over my social media feed lately; these are images I’ve made in Photoshop from photographs I have taken during my many visits to Iceland over the years. Ever since the first time I went to Iceland it has struck me how the landscape can be represented by bands of colour, from the green of the aurora in the sky through the white snow-capped mountains and glaciers, the bare black rock, the green (or brown) of the grass and the black sand beaches that lead into the deep blue-grey of the north Atlantic ocean. Continue reading Impressions of Iceland