Impressions of Iceland

I’ve been posting these photos up all over my social media feed lately; these are images I’ve made in Photoshop from photographs I have taken during my many visits to Iceland over the years. Ever since the first time I went to Iceland it has struck me how the landscape can be represented by bands of colour, from the green of the aurora in the sky through the white snow-capped mountains and glaciers, the bare black rock, the green (or brown) of the grass and the black sand beaches that lead into the deep blue-grey of the north Atlantic ocean.

Of course, capturing all of these elements in a single photo is near impossible, but many of the photographs I have of Iceland are very close to this layering as they are. So by taking a narrow vertical strip from a selection of these images, and stretching it to fill the frame, I have created a set of images that feel like photographs, look abstract, yet still strongly suggest the elements which are clearly visible in the original photographs.

The full set of photos can be seen at They are all available for sale as prints; for 15% off visit my Facebook page and use the coupon code found in the latest post.