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The Iceland Airwaves 2013 Photo Dump

This set should need no introduction. You all know where I’ve been by now, so here are some more photos.

There are a LOT here, so drink deep, or take sips. Your choice!

IMG_5227 IMG_5140 IMG_5124 IMG_5118IMG_5108 IMG_5099 IMG_5076 IMG_5034 IMG_4970 IMG_4957 IMG_4828IMG_4814 IMG_4786 IMG_4741 IMG_4727IMG_4681 IMG_4671 IMG_4649 IMG_4559 IMG_4556 IMG_4483IMG_4464 IMG_4304 IMG_4238 IMG_4228 IMG_4174IMG_4090 IMG_4067 IMG_4053 IMG_4052 IMG_4033 IMG_4018IMG_4014 IMG_4001 IMG_3997 IMG_3993 IMG_3958 IMG_3900 IMG_3877IMG_3837 IMG_3769 IMG_3722 IMG_3631 IMG_3503 IMG_3453IMG_3354 IMG_3344 IMG_3245 IMG_3234 IMG_3218 IMG_3210IMG_3204 IMG_3200 IMG_3158 IMG_3154 IMG_3148 IMG_3135


O positive

Moving away from photography for a second to one of my other passions: Icelandic music. Bloodgroup have been around for a while but this year released a new album, Tracing Echoes, that has just blown me away. Occasionally I find some music that I just can’t stop listening to; this is one of those releases.

You can listen to the track ‘Lines’ below which should give you a taste of what to expect; alternatively follow the link in the above paragraph to stream the whole album at Icelandic music store Gogoyoko (currently offline), and even buy it if you want!