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Trust worthy

More work for the Teenage Cancer Trust, from a recent shoot at Bristol Children’s Hospital. The brief was for some candid shots of some of the young people the Trust have helped, as well as some staff portraits. Definitely one of my favourite clients, and with this work I feel like my photography, which features now on a lot of the Trust’s publicity material, is in its own small way helping to make a difference to people’s lives. Continue reading Trust worthy

More Icelanders

Icelanders in London - Bjarni, Guðný, Charlotte and Nanna
Icelanders in London – Bjarni, Guðný, Charlotte and Nanna

I had another shoot with some Icelandic people based in London for my Icelanders in London project on Saturday – you can see the stories of Rannveig and Clara, as well as all the other Icelanders who have been involved so far, over at the project website.

If you’re reading this, and you are Icelandic and live in London, please get in touch if you’d like to be involved.

And then there were 13…

Yesterday I went into London to photograph Elín and Bragi, an Icelandic couple who had recently been married on a tour of India and Thaliand before returning to London. I met Elín before they left, and they were both very keen to be involved in the Icelanders in London project, and so I have added their photos to the project website which you can see here and here.

My assistant for the shoot, Caitlin (who is also a photographer, and a good one too…), took a sneaky photo of me with the Icelanders as we discussed where to take some of the photos:

Spot the impostor...
Spot the impostor…


I recently had the pleasure of a photoshoot with Claire, a friend who volunteered for a session after seeing my recently added Portraits portfolio (which now includes some pics of her from the shoot). I have included here the best of the bunch, and would also like to introduce you to my new portraits business, the imaginatively named Nick Miners Portraits. If you’re in the Hertfordshire area, or London, (or even if you’re not but are prepared to pay my travel expenses) please go and have a look and feel free to book a session or make an enquiry. I would love to see you.