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Out of the freezer

Iceland, Defrosted (cover)

When you’re as obsessed with a place like Iceland as much as I am, the people you meet who share that obsession become firm friends very quickly. One such person is Ed Hancox, whom I met online via Twitter and in person at Iceland Airwaves last year, and like me he likes to write about his experiences in Iceland. Unlike me, however, he has published a book.

The book is called ‘Iceland, Defrosted’ and is unlike any other travel book I’ve come across. It’s not a tourist guide, more an anthology of stories and anecdotes from his many, many trips to Iceland (and one trip to Hull!). I’ve only read the first four or so chapters so far, but have been taken in by his charming prose and wit. He has explored Iceland far wider and far deeper than I have, and has spoken to several people who live there, giving his stories much more to them than his own viewpoint.

You can buy the book from Amazon at this link. I’d highly recommend it based on what I’ve read so far (and on the reactions from others who have already finished the book). I’m looking forward to delving further into Ed’s Icelandic adventures.