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“Ísland úr lofti” 2014 Calendar now available


UPDATE: Due to an issue with the supplier* I have had to increase the price of new calendar orders as of 10th December. ORDERS ALREADY PLACED ARE UNAFFECTED. Please see the new prices below.

photo 1-fixed

The official Nick Miners Photography 2014 calendar is now available.

photo 2-fixed

Twelve full colour photos of Iceland taken from aboard a Cessna flying at between 3,000 and 6,000 feet.

photo 3-fixed

If you would like a copy, please get in touch with me by the end of this week (13th December) or make a payment to PayPal as follows:

UK shipping: £25 per calendar
Europe (including Iceland): £27.50 per calendar
USA: £30 per calendar
Rest of world: please ask

To see the full gallery of images used, click here.

*when I first investigated the price of calendars my supplier was offering a promotional rate with no indication of when it expired. I looked into it today and found that the order I had pending had suddenly become more expensive; after a quick phone call they have honoured the original (lower) price for orders placed to date, but future orders will have to be at the higher price.