Nifty fifty

It’s been said that you’re only 50mm away from becoming a better photographer. Time was when pretty much any (film) SLR camera you bought had a 50mm lens strapped to the front, often with a maximum aperture of f/1.8. The thing is, a 50mm lens is at the sweet spot where the image quality to cost ratio is at its highest. However these days, most kit lenses that ship with even the most expensive DSLRs are so poor that they are hardly worth bothering with. Most people, though, are unaware of this, and continue to use sub-standard glass and wonder why their pictures never look like how they remembered them.

I have attached here a selection of my favourite shots taken with my trusty Sigma 50mm EX-DG Macro – a lens that cost me £200 and is as sharp as lenses that cost five times more.